Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Marathon Monday!

If you remember, I warned you told you all about the big news last week with this post.
So this counts as the first 'official' Marathon Monday!
(insert cheering & clapping here)

Before I bore you with my training plan, I want you to go check out the RiteAid Cleveland Marathon
Did you know that it is one of the 50 oldest marathons in the country?
This is its 35th year!
Whether you are a runner or a walker, there is a distance for you!
The current registration fees are good until February 28th.

If you, like me, are considering your first Marathon or Half Marathon, this would be a great race to start!
I think it is so cool that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is the start and finish line location!
It really looks like it is going to be a great weekend full of fun things to do and a great place to meet more crazy runners (like me, and you!)

Speaking of crazy, I am attempting to stick to a training program...
To be honest with you, I have no desire to go crazy with my training. I want to have a nice pace that I am comfortable with and I want to run, enjoy the 13.1, and go on with my running life once it is over. I am not trying to be a career marathoner. I like to run and I don't want to worry about race pace and although it is a pretty darn cool word, I don't want to be bothering with fartlek training and all of that.
I don't think this makes me a rebel. I like things to be simple.
I went from never, ever running to running a 5k in under 26:00 in 5 months. 
I am good with that. I didn't need a coach or any special stuff.
I figure my legs pretty much have the motion thing covered. 
The mental aspect is something you deal with and/or ignore, depending on the day.

One of the main reasons I decided to go with an actual training plan, is because of my other fitness activities. Choosing a plan that someone else put on paper was the lazy way to get started. 
I am a planner. I like to have my plan. I like to wake up and know what comes next.
I am a Navy veteran and I like my rules & regulations! Haha!
I am very happy when there is a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP's rule!)
This is not to say that I am not doing a bit of tweaking to the plan, but the ground work is there and that makes me a happy runner.

My marathon training is a 12-week plan and so it won't start until the end of February.
I am on week 3 of an 8-week 10k training plan.
As I mentioned before, I intend to make the 10k my go-to distance.
I don't feel like I am running often enough and that's making me stir crazy, but I am trying to stick with it!
Yesterday was my 'long run' day. 3.5 miles is not really a long run for me, but I am trying to go with it. Actually, since I did the run streak and have often just banged out a quick mile to get in from the cold, it is working out pretty well for me.
I have upped my strength training, as well. So things are cruising along.

I will spare you any muffin baking talk. Actually, I made a super good oatie protein pancake this morning. Yum!
What's that?
You want a picture? Oh! I just happen to have one...
Clearly this did not come from IHOP!
 I didn't promise a pretty pancake. But it was SO good and perfect post strength training fuel!
178 calories, 22g Carbs, 3g Fat, 15g Protein
I can always post the recipe, just let me know.
Ok, my friends...
Thanks for hanging out with me on Marathon Monday!
Today's Workout
1 hour of Strength Training - Alternating upper & lower