Monday, February 11, 2013

Hey, It's Marathon Monday!

I know that each and every one of my followers (yeah, that would be the 3 or 4 of you, including my Mom) hold your breath all weekend long in anticipation of... 

So what is happening in marathon trainer/blogger world, you ask?
Bad weather.
That is what is happening.
Winter is like that one friend that just hangs around too long. Can't take a hint.
Snow storms, pouring down rain, freezing temps, weird & warm temps, wind storms...
Umm...this was all within the last 4 days or so, no joke.
I was cool (no pun intended) with running all winter; freezing nose hairs and everything!
But icy patches and 45-50 mph wind gusts?
To make it worse, today was Day 1 of the 14-week training program that I decided on.
Oh well, running will be here tomorrow and the next day. Yay! (seriously!)

You know you can always count on me for pics, right?
Me and my Hulk-like arms! Ha!
I am delirious with sweat & hunger!
Haha! This was after this mornings circuit. A little boxing, a little strength training, a little cardio. 
When I say a 'little', it was an hour and I was audibly grunting. 
Notice the fabulous band of sweat that I am wearing like a belt?
Sadly, you can't see that I am color coordinated from my lifting gloves to my shirt, socks and shoes!
I dress to impress!
I think she is trying to escape!
See how impressed Cleo is? Haha!
Speaking of Cleo, I realized just recently that I spend a recordable percentage of my day on cat toy scavenger hunts and retrieval missions. She loves it, she gets down low and looks under dressers and things when I get out the flashlight and hangar that I need to fish her favorite toys out from under every possible piece of furniture in the house. Good times!

Today's muffin menu included a protein packed blueberry number...
I tore into it's little steamy insides just to get you a picture!
I will see about posting a recipe. I have lots of other muffin recipes for you to check out though!

This weekend I worked on this little experiment...
A peppermint patty muffin!
It was SO good! 
I am going to perfect this one and get it posted.
I was too lazy to create a 'filling' on it's own. I added some of the muffin batter and that's why it looks sort of peanut butter-y. But it was minty goodness and made for a great snack on Saturday night!

Wow, I am going on and on.
I hope you enjoyed this weeks Marathon Monday!

How is your training?
What's your goal distance this year?