Tuesday, April 16, 2013

By All Means...Run!

I can truly say that I am proud to be a runner. 
I have never run a marathon, I have never dreamed of running a marathon.
For 1 year out of nearly 45, I have been a runner.
Once you put running shoe to pavement, you are a runner.
It is a community, not a type of workout.
It is a part of every person that goes and sweats out every minute and every mile.
The internet is absolutely inundated with images and blogs and news stories all surrounding the explosions from yesterday.
I don't want to be 'just another' story. I have no personal connection (that I am aware of) to anyone that was there yesterday. Not as a spectator, not as a runner.
I 'know' several people that were there, thanks to my life of social media interaction. 
I feel for every one of them.
But I can not imagine what it was like to be there.
The pictures and stories are a roller coaster ride.
So many awesome pictures before, during and even after the race.
I saw a post on twitter where someone hesitated to post their finish time.
There is no one and nothing that can take away all the miles it took to get to the Boston Marathon.
The qualifying times have gotten tougher, the competition has gotten stiffer.
You can't just pay for the entry and go run the race.
You have to run your ass off to qualify!
Every person that ran yesterday, should be proud of their accomplishment(s).
It doesn't matter whether or not they got to finish.
They worked and they were rewarded.
There is no doubt in my mind that the bib each runner wore yesterday will be the most significant piece of their running history, that they will ever own.
It is a proud moment and should be treated as such.
There is no disrespect for the lives lost and the injuries that have been suffered by many.
Every single person that was injured or killed at that finish line was there to support the community.
The whole running 'thing' - Yeah, they get it! They understood it and they were there because of it.
Don't allow that moment to take away a lifetime of accomplishments, a lifetime of dreams.

And people are repeatedly saying things about our society and the world we live in.
What about it?
Whoever is responsible for the events of yesterday are absolutely NOTHING compared to those that are touched by this and have reacted by whatever means they see fit.

Runners are running a Silent Minute Mile.
Others have vowed to run that mile every day until those responsible are found.
Some are running a mile for each life lost.
Races are being put together to honor all those affected.
Runners are wearing a race t-shirt today to honor those and to stand up and say how proud they are to be runners and that there isn't ANYTHING that will hold us down!

This isn't a blow for the running community; we will continue to run.
We will be stronger today than we were yesterday.

If you are the praying kind, by all means...pray
If you are saddened, by all means...cry
If you are a runner, by all means...run